red letter days….

what does that even mean? what is a red letter kind of day? apparently it is a date of importance  and/or a happy day. i had previously been torn on whether or not it was a good day or bad day but a little googling had me finding out that it is a day of importance because calendars had important days listed in red…interesting. so i guess red letter days (since they are days of importance) are also construed as good days. which leads me to ask what are days called when you’re feeling blue?! depending on how blue you are feeling the day could be called the mean reds…it seems to be a vicious cycle of red in some form or fashion….

but sometimes its just one of those days (moments). a red day of somesort i am sure. but you know, the ones where you are eating hershey kisses with almonds and remind yourself that’s not a good thing so you tell yourself just one more and so you eat it…………and there’s NO almond in it! or you finally clean the house from top to bottom and your 2-legged and 4-legged kids decide they’d love to make the biggest messes ever (and you drop your coffee cup partially full of coffee and it shatters and goes everywhere) in the hours and day that follows it being clean! what a day!

it seems lately as i’ve put the kid to bed and found myself with nothing to do i’ve been watching a lot of older (and i guess the benchmark for older here is 20 years or more) movies here lately….what happened to movies? i mean actors and actresses used to get by with a well leveled look or sigh. now it seems as though there is so much talking but not as much emphasis on expression without words. kind of like tom and jerry cartoons and cartoons! no talking in those but they were funny. or cartoons where they were real and honest and not sugar-coated. and now cartoons have meaningless conversations of little importance or depth or are just pointless. all pre-approved and packaged so as not to offend anyone. gah, when did society get so concerned with offending anyone or pleasing everyone. oh well, moving on…. last night i happened to catch Bye Bye Love. what a funny movie. i actually laughed out loud. just the expressions. not stupid funny going for the easy joke but genuinely funny. and how about Pillow Talk with doris day and rock hudson. talk about great expressions and witty, intelligent banter. it relies on the characters and not special effects or awesome scenery. and for feel good movies there was Mighty Ducks. it’s one of those all around feel good movies that just leaves you smiling and (partially) interested in hockey. it’s just such a great ending- how can you not love the ending?!  and of course i put in Any Which Way You Can a while ago too just because when you just want a laugh there is nothing better. some of the greatest lines and scenes are in that movie. although as the list goes on maybe i’ve been watching too many movies lately….

moving on, it is hard to believe that we are half way through the month of january- 2013! it seems that 2013 in on record to go faster than 2012. so many things already in january. i find myself in a blur almost. one thing is sure though, j is keeping me on my toes this year. he is also is getting so independent it seems! i walked out the other day and found him with the dishwasher open and so i asked him what he was doing. his response: i’m putting away the dishes for you and getting myself a drink of water with a silly straw! …..well, ok then, by all means! i think j is also getting funnier. although without meaning it i am sure. but definitely funnier. for example….

we were driving home from work (at Christmas time) and j heard Jackson 5’s rendition of ‘Mommy Kissing Santa Claus’ and asked if it was a girl singing…. well no, not exactly kiddo, but i can see your confusion….


J (while playing the piano): mom I want to be in a band and play this.
Me: ok, you just need to learn how to read music and then you can join a band and you can play.
J: but mommy I can’t be in a band and play all the time.
Me: why not?
J: well because my stomach will hurt because i will get hungry and starving. so see, i can’t play all the time with a band and i’m sad.
Me: that’s ok I’ll bring you food so you can keep playing.
J:  ok. so mom i like oranges. bring me oranges.


Me: you’re pushing it j
J: what does pushing it mean?
Me: it means you’re getting ready to get in trouble.
J: (audible sigh) again?


(while driving past the USMC Museum and me trying to explain to j that it is a musuem to honor heroic things and people)
J: mom when can i go there?
Me: to the museum, well sometime but i’m not sure when.
J: but mom, i need to go to the hero museum so people can look at me.


how are you filling your pages….

so it’s a new year. which as some have said is similar to a book with blank pages and each day is a page. and how we choose to fill them will be the story of our year/our life. my year started being filled with family and friends and kids. new year’s eve we spent the night with a bonfire and hanging out with my husband, kids, and my niece and nephew. it was such a blast! then we did movies, four-wheeler rides, and lots of cooking and baking! my mom wasn’t able to join us so i had her join vicariously by making her infamous spaghetti and bread. my first turn at it was pretty good and i’m looking forward to trying to perfect it. not to mention it was the first bread i’d ever made and the fact that it was not only edible but good too makes me happy!

the break for the holidays was wonderful. having everyone here and home and having the opportunity to do so many things with the ones i love. and now i’m looking forward to the year. so many exciting events this year. two of my best friends are getting married. and there’s puerto rico coming up and germany again briefly and hopefully some applebutter to be made and a visit with my cousin (and some vineyards!) and a trip with my brother’s family in DC and and and! so many fun things. each day is exciting and new and full of possibility. work has been and seems as though it will continue to be busy for the first quarter for sure. which is fine- i enjoy the hectic pace. it is also j’s FIFTH birthday. arghhhh! how is this even possible??? as much fun as it would be to live in denial about it this new age also promises to be fun. he’s growing and learning so much and it’s reaffirming and heart warming to see it!

it’s also been surprisingly warm so far. we were supposed to have a very rough winter this year and while it is still early and i’m not ruling out cold and snow so far it hasn’t shown itself. i kinda hope that it does soon since easter is the end of march and easter egg hunts are so much more fun when the weather is warm!

so this year i’ve made a resolution that i learned 20+ years ago at a summer camp my grandparents were gracious enough to send me to. and that is “speak with purpose”….that’s my new year’s resolution. its kind of all-encompassing. it covers not only being careful of what you say and making sure that your words have a purpose but also refraining from saying things. it also extends (at least to me) to when and how i say things. and this means not living on my cell phone. that text doesn’t have to be sent now. it can wait. i don’t need to take my phone everywhere i go because frankly i don’t have to have access all the time to talk to people. so it incorporates living less by phone and more of just living life. i think in current times it is so easy (and not a bad thing necessarily) to live in constant communication and instantly have the access to answers at your fingertips via your phone with emails or online searching. however- do we need it? my answer is no, not all the time. this is a really hard one for me as i have become quite accustomed to having my phone at all times. heck- i feel nervous if i leave the house without it. but why? because i might miss a call? which means if i do i can call them later and while i am out i am spending more attention on what i am doing or who i am with. so not a bad thing. or let’s go to the other end of the spectrum- what if i have a flat tire? well then i change it instead of calling AAA. my thought process is kind of like this, imagine you had a photographer following you around 24/7. how many times would they take your picture and you would be looking at your phone and missing the world around you? me??? well i’m super guilty of that, or was….i’m working on changing that. so i’m worrying less about my phone, more about picking my words carefully so they are the most sincere and have the most impact, and refraining from saying things that don’t help. the phone part is a completely new thing for me, the latter part of choosing my words i started in 2012. there were lots of things i let go and chose not to comment on. not because they weren’t noteworthy or important but because in the grand scheme of things they weren’t worth my stress (forget anyone else’s!). and so when i choose to speak it is well founded, thought out, and with full emotion or conviction.

and a goal of mine for 2013 is to get back into running races. it’s not a resolution but just a goal. it will be slow going but hopefully come the spring i’m ready for at least a few of the 5&8k races i was completing last year! and we will see where it goes from there. i’m going to close this first post of the new year now with some pictures of the last few weeks and think about what the next few weeks holds in store for me….chief among the events of the next few weeks is 80-degree weather!

here are a few (okay warning might be more than a few) pictures of our fun below….

a little skiing (and snowboarding and tubing)…..

and here they go holding on sigh still completely smitten with him we made it to the bottom  here he comesand he loved itgoing again

lots of amazing family time….

jordan loves his big brother our pets have a rough life she is a lover  my lovely familyperfect start to new years- smoresthe kids on new years evesomebody loves hilde

mixed with great food

now this is how you do clam chowder silly guysbrotherly love over crawfish

i’m not sure this year (and/or chapter of my book) could get better- oh wait, it’s going to get even better with all the wonderful things planned….and the unplanned things too…!