confessions of a mom…

I’m so excited. I’m sitting in the carpool line for the first time ever! Waiting. Anxiously to pick up my kid! How cool is this?!!!! I have picked up celebratory milkshake (thank you mom for heads up on snack) and a small “happy first day” present for the kid! I’m so not sure what I’m doing. Wait why are they parking like that? Where am I supposed to park? What do I do? Oh my. This isn’t a line but more of a free for all parking lot and no one is making any sense. Quick someone come park next to me so I know I’m ok. Eeeeeeekkkkk! And what do I do when he gets to the car? Where do I go then? Man I hope he’s not the first one out. Ten more minutes. Why doesn’t this pick up make more sense? I’m so confused. This mom stuff is super hard. I need a drink. Wait there’s a kid. Nope not mine. Ok back to milkshake. Did I mention I needed a drink? Sigh. When is the bell going to ring? Then again if it rings and I’m in the wrong place am I going to get honked at or in trouble? Are there traffic police? Will I embarrass my kid? Oh my gosh I’m so over thinking this. Someone please come rescue me from myself. Where’s that drink. What’s for dinner? Did I figure out dinner? Oh crap why is no one beside me? Ok but there is someone behind me at least right? This is terrifying. No wonder parents send their kids on the bus. Thank goodness the kid is asleep in the back seat. Then again if I wake him up he  will distract me from my stress right? Oh my gosh bell just hurry up so I can get out of here. Note to self do not be so early tomorrow. Ohhhh. There’s a mom getting out of her car. She has a high school jacket on- do I have to get one of those now? Should I? Holy wow this mom stuff is sooo confusing and wait there’s my kid…ok everything is ok now! And he’s smiling…yup, everything is good…!


crazy (and awesome) mom days….

remember…not so long ago, when saturdays were a welcome respite from the work week and yours to do with what you pleased? to sleep or wake, eat and sleep some more, watch mindless pointless tv or head to town (any town) and walk around aimlessly window shopping or work on vacuuming your car or getting an oil change….remember those days? yeah, me neither! ok, ok, in truth i do remember those days. but what i remember most about those days is that they were not as near entertaining or fun as my days now. and yes i get up earlier. but this past weekend i had the distinct pleasure of making pancakes for my kids. and watching and amazing at how two kids so different are both so wonderful as one sat there eating chocolate chip pancakes and the other turned his nose up at chocolate chip and was eating blueberry pancakes. so much fun to listen to the banter. and yes, ok, it sometimes means that the banter never stops and can’t be turned off but that’s ok too! it means its hard buying birthday presents because you are always with the kids but that’s ok too because the great thing about that is that you get to buy birthday presents and do all the special birthday things! like picking out what your birthday meal is and what kind of cake you want. j is getting a scooby doo themed cake and this may be the last year that he gets one that i design and create (i said that last year too i think!) from scratch. so far i’ve had fairly good success with replicating some design of action figure so we will see how scooby turns out. scooby for his cake and tom & jerry for the cupcakes. he apparently just couldn’t decide! although to make things a bit easier for myself i’m hiring out the cupcakes and only making the cake myself…..i’m practicing the KISS (keep it simple stupid) mentality for myself on some things!

and then there’s the adorable (yes i’m new to it so it is still adorable) when i hear “mom, aaron did this” or “j stop doing that” when the two boys are quarreling. it’s kinda neat to hear. and as i mentioned, since it is new still it is absolutely adorable to hear the sounds of siblings talking, disagreeing, telling each other what to do and so on…..and no, i’m not delusional, i’m sure at some point it may get old but i can’t help but smile now when it happens. because along with that it is also great to hear their squeals of laughter and jokes and fun times too.

continuing on, i also got to do the mom thing and take the boys to the dentist. the littlest one had his first ever check up and the older one ended up having a tooth pulled. and i can tell you i have an inkling of what a man feels like when his wife is in labor. my hand was squeezed six ways to sunday. it was purple by the time we left. but he did really well and is recuperating now and eating mashed potatoes and milkshakes…hard life for the kid!

but in actuality today was really a tough day. i was a little all over the place. somehow, someway i got everything done. amazingly. i feel as if i deserve a medal. really i do. kinda like i felt the first day after j was home from the hospital. all night long- every sound and every thing made me jump and stress and worry. and so when the sun was streaming in the windows and i was happily feeding my newborn i felt such a huge sense of accomplishment that he and i had survived the night together just us two! and today, i survived too! i got all my work done, had a first checkup for one child, a tooth pulled for the other, enrolled the oldest in school (he starts tomorrow), caught up with a friend, changed our cell plan over to a better option, activated our extra phone line for the oldest, got some promising news with regards to work things, and did i mention i got all my work done too??!!! wow!!! yup, medal for me today! so in light of my imperfect and completely crazy (albeit still pretty awesome) day i leave you all with the following funny blog post…(enjoy the smile and laugh):


going back to school…

so i went back to school yesterday…ok. no it wasn’t for me. i took aaron to get registered for school. having never registered a kid for school it was an exciting (and nervous) first. why do i still feel like a kid in school myself?! i’ve been out of high school for….well for a really long time. i don’t think i really want to do the actual math but i do remember seeing something about a 10 year reunion several years ago….(shudders).

but off we went to see the guidance counselor. who was actually quite nice and friendly. the rest of the school though… i am the wrong person i think to take a kid to register for high school. it’s hard for me to not look around and go: what the……! i did manage pretty well though. although now you have to get buzzed into the school. and then you follow signs to the main office. and then you get into the main office and there is a lovely (sarcasm intended) receptionist sitting there who can’t be bothered to help you and she motions you to an empty office and says, “sign in over there.”….ummm what? ok, where, how? i’m not computer illiterate by any means but some help would be appreciated. but nope! and then once you get a print out sticker (that i presume you are supposed to wear but that was so not happening) she tells you where the guidance counselor offices are and goes back to ignoring you. did i mention how she was a lovely woman? so personable and friendly……wait! so we go. and sit. and aaron asks me what SAT stands for while reading the posters on the wall and come to think of it i have no clue anymore. not sure i knew then. they’re just tests you have to take for college. who cares what the acronym stands for right? i mean, its not like you get points for knowing the acronym like you do for spelling your name correctly right? ….do you still get points for spelling your name correctly?

anyways, so then the guidance counselor comes out to meet us. the one nice spot in all the meetings. she was really friendly and very helpful and very knowledgeable and is working with us to process everything needed and get this kid in school soon! and then we were out the door…once we stopped by to “check out” of the computer system. which i’m not sure i did it correctly and i feel a little rebellious in hoping i didn’t and it screwed up the receptionist’s day by having to back track it and fix it! and then we were out the door. and i have to admit, if i’m being honest. i kind of felt like i was going to get into trouble for leaving the parking lot without a note!

but wow. high school. and cool! checking another thing off my “first time” mom list. first time i ever registered a kid for school! and wow, high school! some kids looked so young while other looked so old. and who in the world let them wear that to school? ……..and in that statement alone i have validated that i am indeed a mom! i also said a silent thank you for having a boy. and am considering promising my niece trips to paris for “appropriate” school clothes every year if she promises me never to dress like that! not that her parents would let her but ya know, as incentive to make it easier for them! i can bribe my niece…i’m just the aunt! 🙂

all in all. high school was an education to say the least. who knew, going back to school as an adult to register your kid could be so enlightening.  i’m not entirely sure yet how i’ll be able to hold in my thoughts (and criticisms) for four years of the school system but i may surprise myself! i may learn (ha pun intended, aren’t i so funny) how to adjust to being the parent at school and not the student …or i’ll just leave it to my husband…..

my crazy little world…

the t-shirts and bumper stickers that say something like: welcome to my world, i’m a little crazy but they know me here (or something like that)…well that’s me this week! it is a wild week! but completely awesome! just when i think things are going one way…SURPRISE! my head is spinning trying to keep up with everything!

but that’s life. i adjust. and besides, if you look hard enough (or are just generally enthusiastic about life) you often don’t have to look very far to find the bright side of surprises. i mean some surprises come pretty apparent that all sides are good and bright. but some are so unexpected and require a lot of work to get them to fruition.

for instance- i’m slammed at work. unbelievably and completely slammed. and why is this a good thing? well, because i am not one of those people that sit around sunday night sad that monday is arriving. every once in a while yes. but i honestly love my job. i do what i enjoy, i work with great people- it’s great. i know, i’ve probably said that enough times on here but its true. and so being slammed at work is awesome because (a) job security. (b) new position being created to support me. (and c) that means i also have a new position slightly promoted to manage said person and eventually said team! see…only took 3 things to find the good! wait- all those were good! see!!!!

now we get to the craziness in my personal life. like being a single mom for the very short time being. but the best part about that? that i have a husband i’m crazy about and it is only for a short time! and then there’s how i am having to make a million calls and booking reservations and faxing information….why you ask? well because it’s official. happy valentine’s day to us! we have a new kid! ok so not a new kid as in the “new” sense but aaron will now be living with us full-time! and i am pretty excited! and i can only smile as i imagine God laughing at me. for a while i had given up the idea of wanting another kid. and lately have been mulling it over in earnest to decide once and for all whether or not to keep trying or to accept what we are already (so fortunately) have. and so now God has given me what i wanted…in a sense. i mean i have new kid! perhaps i meant in the baby sense but then again he has blessed us! and since aaron is only one of the two best kids ever then that just makes it perfect!

fresh off the flight

oh and more craziness in my personal life? just found Christmas presents i never sent! yikes!!

and then there’s the ever needed and required friend time. this pulls me in a million directions as well. good ways but still lots of things right? i am so behind on returning emails to old colleagues and friends. and trying to catch up with friends. and planning time to see everyone. and i must say i am so glad to have so many wonderful friends to reach out to…and especially those who are joining me for a girls only valentine’s night (pics to follow i am sure…or maybe not depending on the pics! lol!)…and wonderful friends who have not just me over for visits and sleepovers but also my entire brood as well as seen in the pic below. takes on a whole new meaning to asking “can i bring anything?”…..bring anything, yeah i’m sure you’d like me to bring something else in addition to the dog, cat, and kid (now 2 kids)! ..pic below! lol.

motley crew

so my life may be a little crazy but it’s also absolutely wonderful! happy valentine’s day on this day where i definitely thankful for all the love in my life….then again i appreciate the love in my life everyday too!!

fat tuesday…

this day is about eating a ton right? right? somebody help me out and agree with me here?! well, that’s what i’m going with. so i did my best. i ate a lot. in the spirit of the day! yeah that’s it! awful food (mcds) for lunch. and then made homemade spaghetti and cupcakes for dinner. although in my defense i only went to mcds (yes i try to avoid fast food like the plague because it is so awful for you) to cheer up my dog who seems to be depressed or pretending she has puppies that are really her toys. not sure which. either way she got french fries and vanilla ice cream and then got to chase sticks around the yard. she’s not happier on the whole yet but she was happy short term. and honestly, she’s a female so happy in the short term is probably all we can hope for!

i’ve also decided for lent i am giving up a normal quiet life and going with crazy…more details to follow soon!

the many faces of j…..

a picture (or four) is worth a thousand words….and in this case these pictures show so clearly the amazing and wonderful personality of my little 5 (almost! eeek!) year old! i am truly truly blessed, profoundly greatful, and completely humbled to be his mom.


fantastic february…

starting off february in warm, tropical, sunny san juan puerto rico how could it be anything but fantastic?!  it was a warm 85-degrees….ahhhhhmazing! and then you add in the fact that my wonderful husband was there with me. and that sets february up another notch…although perhaps he won’t like following the balmy weather in order of things but he enjoyed it every bit as much as i did!!! and finally, the reason we were there. for work! now i know it is a little crazy that i am so excited about work but i really work for an amazing company. we had truly phenomenal meetings and were given such a great vision and inspiration for the future. and we went into the local community and volunteered in ways that puts so much in perspective. and we did it for us. each person. not as a company so we could promote, in fact my company does not release info about the things we do in various communities because it’s not for that purpose. but as a group of people who truly want to give back and enjoy pitching in to accomplish amazing things. we spent the day sweating like bandits working to pour the foundation for homes so people could have actual homes and move out of their unreliable wooden structures. and it was hard work, long work. but we did it- and were even told by the home owners that they were in awe of how much we accomplished and that they wished they had planned more for us to do because we accomplished far more than they anticipated. and that they assumed us soft office workers who would barely get one structure done let alone two. and we could have easily handled three had they prepped for the third. and we painted the parts of the houses that were complete inside and out. and while we are all mostly “soft” office workers we also have a lot of drive and spirit. that’s part of the vision the owner has created and continues to cultivate constantly with policies and selective hires and volunteer efforts.

add in the excitement of j getting to see and spend time with his cousins and how cool his uncle and aunt are….it was great to hear and see him so excited….well his excitement was great about almost everything…the one exception was when he told me my lasagna (basagna as he calls it) is now second best! and secretly i have to agree with him…i’ve had aunt brooke’s lasagna!!! and february (mostly!) keeps getting better. so many great things happening. and so many wonderful things ahead in the month. so many plans in motion for the rest of the months in the year. so much fun to be had. and while i’m sure, writing this now that the rest of the year won’t be all sunshine and roses…along with sunshine there has to be a little rain sometimes….it is still what you make of it.

speaking of what you make of it and on a different topic…i think i’ve just about had it with facebook. what started out as something that i thought was really neat to connect to people (family and close friends) across the globe has turned into mindless and endless bitching by people. seriously, when did facebook turn into constant complaining, drama, public fighting, and just generally airing your entire life story? really people? get a blog so i don’t have to see that in my news feed. or a therapist. or go back to airing your stress in normal ways like road rage or exercising (note: not promoting road rage but i’d almost rather have someone honk at me because they’ve had a bad day than see some ranting post on facebook). no one needs to know everything about your life….(shudders).  i can imagine if i posted everything about my day on facebook. i imagine it would read something like this:

woke up. was happy to wake up and have a smiling kid. made coffee. fed dog and cat. made kid breakfast. turned on computer to get started at work. got j started at school. worked. randomly checked facebook at lunch. got annoyed. rolled eyes. got annoyed and rolled eyes at ridiculousness of human beings. went back to work. had fun with kid in afternoon. let dog out again. cleaned cat box. started dinner. ate dinner. did dinner dishes. thought about ridiculousness on facebook and rolled eyes and got annoyed again. played with kid. put kid to bed. went to bed.

fun times right? i bet everyone would love to see those posts every 2 hours or so….wait…..not so much. or how about the people who post “i’m so annoyed at so and so” or “why me posts”….umm can you not just grow up and talk to that person- privately? or just figure it out? or just not worry about it because life is short and who cares?!!! so why do i have a facebook? well i do like being able to keep current on friends children/babies and family life happenings and some news here and there on black russian terriers. oh and the pictures people post with funny quotes or sayings- i love those!!! although i am rapidly moving away from even caring enough about that to keep it. as it is i don’t post anything anymore.  but that’s enough on my rant for the day. then again, you could say (i suppose) why rant about it on your blog. ehhh good point but my blog isn’t exactly as out there as facebook! its like myspace. remember when myspace was kinda (kinda being operative word) cool? because connecting with people you had lost touch with was fun? and then it turned just kinda smutty and obscene. well facebook then came along. and it was cleaner, nicer, newer. and now its just turned dramatic and annoying. wonder what is next…twitter? or perhaps there can be a social networking thing where you could select to only follow happy people?!!! quick, somebody start a new thing and i want to buy stock….wait that didn’t turn out so well did it? lol.

anyways- back to my fantastic february! should be great! and lent is coming up. which i think is always good to try to give something up. so for lent this year i am giving up something suggested (and teased) last year. shopping. of any kind. well, mostly any kind. i still have to buy groceries/food and gas. and i have to pay bills but there can be no new/other purchases. i even already bought necessary birthday presents so i don’t have to break my fast of shopping. not too difficult i don’t suppose but i imagine there will be little things here or there that i don’t even realize i buy.

and so now without further ado…a little glimpse of how february started….

blackbeard's actual ship from POTC  only rainforest in US more gorgeous rainforest    we sailed and snorkeled just over thatawaystough life but someone has to live itwhere atlantic meets caribbean