best three words ever…

are you ready? i have them. the best three words ever put together. sure you cna handle it?! ok, here they are….

“go ask dad/marv”

yup. its that simple! not only am i thrilled to finally have my husband home but so are our kids. my name gets said about 100 times less during the day. in the car when asked a question by our ever tenacious five year old i find that upon answering said question i get informed that, “no mom, i was talking to marv.” how sweet this is to my ears! now don’t get me wrong, i know i’m still the highest one on my little one’s list (as evidenced by his snuggles and sweetness) but it is rather nice to have a break from answering every question asked in the course of a day, car ride, 5 minute period! anyone with a young child knows exactly how many questions they can ask….and my son definitely is an over-achiever in this area! and while i wouldn’t for a second change this about him it is so nice to have someone else help answer some questions! it is also completely amazing to see how much j’s face lit up when seeing marv. its the kind of thing that just completely warms your heart. not to mention the mini-me he is becoming with marv. today after their boys only lunch date (so i could go catch up with some co-workers) j got in the car with his new toy and said, “mommy, you want to read the destructions?’….destructions….ahhh what a true marv-ism! j is definitely thrilled to have him home. and the older kid- man is he excited! he’s been sticking close to marv ever since he got home! finally he has someone to help with math and work on cars and do guy things! needless to say all is right in our house now for the three of us with our fourth member finally home! we spent the weekend in bliss hanging out and catching up and enjoying every second of being a family! this weekend…more of the same- both with enjoying being together and using my new favorite three words!

so in honor of my guys here’s a pic (it’s from a few years ago. i haven’t forced them to smile for the camera lately….but Easter is soon approaching!)….

my guys


diving in…

to so many new things. learning new things to pack for kids lunches. and that packing your lunch is now the cool thing. when did packing your lunch become cool? and that kids are not as embarrassed of their parents anymore. or maybe that’s just my kid. and new ways to broach different subjects or new ways of having patience. i’m also diving into work. today (don’t judge me for the following statement please) i went to pick up my kid in my pajamas….i did have a jacket on top so that no one could really tell. but i literally didn’t leave my desk all day. ok, not entirely true. i did get up and take the kid to the bus stop. but then i got home and did not move from the computer. i didn’t eat, didn’t move, didn’t make any coffee, didn’t do anything but work until 2:05pm. i was a little busy to say the least. but it was a good busy. an accomplishing lots busy. and to make it better all the work i did was to submit a proposal on time today. so it was a gratifying busy. because i didn’t just do work because eventually i’ll have to have it final content ready or eventually i’ll have a deadline looming (which happens often enough, all the hurry up and wait work). but i worked without ending because i needed to fix so many mistakes that my technical team just seemed incapable of understanding why i wanted to actually improve the document! crazy i know but i like sending out great things instead of mediocre! so there i was, in the crazy (and still ridiculously unorganized) carpool line….in my pjs. thank goodness the car didn’t break down. that may have embarrassed the kid! so don’t judge, it was just one of those busy work days! but i successfully got both work and the kid picked up so mission accomplished right?! besides at least i have cute office help for my workday. (more cute pictures of her below)…

office help

i also find myself diving into the odd but always funny conversations with some of my good friends here lately. but thank goodness for them and my husband. you know the conversations or times where you just decide to spaz out a little?!….so this is only something you can do to those extremely close to you. and then you have the difference between the husband and the girlfriends. thank goodness for some of my friends. oh the ridiculous crazy insane (probably funny) and random things i say. i’m definitely one of those people who can’t hold in feelings. i try. i really really do. but man, at the end of the day, i just can’t stomach holding things in. drives me nuts. now thankfully, i am blessed with an understanding husband who, while he may not like it, forgives my random outbursts or comments (hell maybe he chalks it up to tourettes, who knows!) and loves me just the same. but oh. there are times i would not have made it through were it not for the ability to have a sounding board. someone to shore up my arguments, or someone to whine endlessly to, or someone who takes my side just because its me and doesn’t care about the facts. i mean afterall….sometimes you don’t want logic. you just want someone to complain to!!! and only another woman can do that! read all the blogs, articles, etc….men try to solve the problem for you. women are great at just jumping in and saying “how dare they/it/etc!” now i have found the older i get that the number of things that really get to me are far less. mostly i’ve learned that there are so many things not worth the energy. then again, i think that’s part of not holding things in and dealing with and accepting things as they come.  and then there are the things that just aren’t worth your time. like when having a conversation with someone who really doesn’t bother to actually listen…i’ve learned to just ruefully shake my head and not give it much thought. but with my crazy, constantly going life here lately i’m so glad to have someone to talk and be silly with!

yup this is me sometimes

but enough of the serious talk…lets take a moment to talk about how cute hilde is and how tough her life is. pictures below to prove the first point and to prove my second point every morning she gets into the chair by the window in my bedroom and lays there because as the sun rises, it hits that chair first and warms it…poor hilde….must be awful. to be that cute…

hilde so sweet

he’s five…

i have a five year old now. FIVE! wow. and i’m still as in love with him as i was the day he was born. i could sit and watch him smile and/or laugh while watching tom and jerry cartoons all day. seeing his little nose scrunch and he’s finding something amusing about jerry always besting tom. its remarkable. he’s so happy and full of life. literally the personality he has now astounds me. i’m not sure i have as much personality as he does nor am i sure i ever had that much personality.  such a happy little one.

as stated j wanted a scooby doo and tom and jerry themed birthday party. and so he got one! his cousins came to visit and so we had a little party and lots of cake and cupcakes. aaron tried to race someone on the bikes, there was a bug hunt, and did i mention lots of cakes?!

aaron racing bug hunt mystery machinecupcakeswith candles

but my favorite moment of the weekend was the hour before the party when we were just hanging out and enjoying lunch at the cav. it was the perfect unwinding for me after a nonstop bake-fest and the perfect gearing up for the party.

the boys