he’s five…

i have a five year old now. FIVE! wow. and i’m still as in love with him as i was the day he was born. i could sit and watch him smile and/or laugh while watching tom and jerry cartoons all day. seeing his little nose scrunch and he’s finding something amusing about jerry always besting tom. its remarkable. he’s so happy and full of life. literally the personality he has now astounds me. i’m not sure i have as much personality as he does nor am i sure i ever had that much personality.  such a happy little one.

as stated j wanted a scooby doo and tom and jerry themed birthday party. and so he got one! his cousins came to visit and so we had a little party and lots of cake and cupcakes. aaron tried to race someone on the bikes, there was a bug hunt, and did i mention lots of cakes?!

aaron racing bug hunt mystery machinecupcakeswith candles

but my favorite moment of the weekend was the hour before the party when we were just hanging out and enjoying lunch at the cav. it was the perfect unwinding for me after a nonstop bake-fest and the perfect gearing up for the party.

the boys


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