best three words ever…

are you ready? i have them. the best three words ever put together. sure you cna handle it?! ok, here they are….

“go ask dad/marv”

yup. its that simple! not only am i thrilled to finally have my husband home but so are our kids. my name gets said about 100 times less during the day. in the car when asked a question by our ever tenacious five year old i find that upon answering said question i get informed that, “no mom, i was talking to marv.” how sweet this is to my ears! now don’t get me wrong, i know i’m still the highest one on my little one’s list (as evidenced by his snuggles and sweetness) but it is rather nice to have a break from answering every question asked in the course of a day, car ride, 5 minute period! anyone with a young child knows exactly how many questions they can ask….and my son definitely is an over-achiever in this area! and while i wouldn’t for a second change this about him it is so nice to have someone else help answer some questions! it is also completely amazing to see how much j’s face lit up when seeing marv. its the kind of thing that just completely warms your heart. not to mention the mini-me he is becoming with marv. today after their boys only lunch date (so i could go catch up with some co-workers) j got in the car with his new toy and said, “mommy, you want to read the destructions?’….destructions….ahhh what a true marv-ism! j is definitely thrilled to have him home. and the older kid- man is he excited! he’s been sticking close to marv ever since he got home! finally he has someone to help with math and work on cars and do guy things! needless to say all is right in our house now for the three of us with our fourth member finally home! we spent the weekend in bliss hanging out and catching up and enjoying every second of being a family! this weekend…more of the same- both with enjoying being together and using my new favorite three words!

so in honor of my guys here’s a pic (it’s from a few years ago. i haven’t forced them to smile for the camera lately….but Easter is soon approaching!)….

my guys


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